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Motion Amplification

For the first time ever, we can visualize machinery faults with motion amplification. Impact Reliability Services is proud to offer this groundbreaking new technology. Motion amplification allows the vibration analyst to see real machinery movement that would otherwise be invisible to the naked eye, all in a fraction of the time required for traditional vibration analysis. With this system, we can quickly produce video that shows, in dramatic fashion, how the entire target is moving. Motion amplification offers the most effective way to identify and resolve issues in piping, machinery, and structures faster than other analysis methods. Along with our experience in vibration analysis and troubleshooting, motion amplification is a game changer for diagnosing your machinery issues.

Predictive Maintenance Audit

Whether you are starting a new Predictive Maintenance (PdM) effort or already have a mature program, Impact Reliability Services can help your efforts succeed. We can offer specific support for any size program at any stage of development. Asset criticality analysis, condition-based maintenance route planning, PM optimization, maintenance strategy, acceptance testing, program proposal / justification, root cause analysis, FMEA development, and more. Leverage our experience to benefit your program today.

Family Owned, Local Nevada Business

My wife and I are native to Northern Nevada. We grew up watching spectacular high desert sunrises, hiking in the mountains with the mule deer, and catching our fair share of lizards. We appreciate what it takes to live in this unique place. We love it so much we decided to start a family and put down roots in our hometown of Lovelock. We are raising two children and are involved in the local community.

We have seen first hand what can happen when local businesses fail and industries leave an area. Working the past decade in engineering and in the reliability field opened my eyes to how much room for improvement exists at most facilities. I've learned how powerful nondestructive testing can be, how important precision and cleanliness is when performing maintenance, and how to spot and correct the root cause of avoidable problems that are usually overlooked. Production lines are usually down for reasons that are completely avoidable. The value lost to these kinds of failures is astonishing and can be crippling to a business, the families that work there, and the entire region.

We want local businesses to be robust, efficient, and able to weather any downturn; that is why we started Impact Reliability Services. We are completely committed to the success of our customers and will always provide the very highest level of service to help them thrive. We would love an opportunity to help your facility excel and reach its full potential. Let us know how we can help and we will be there to support you.