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What is Motion Amplification?

Motion Amplification is an exciting new technology that makes the invisible movements of your machinery into something we can see. At Impact Reliability Services, we are trained to the highest level possible with Motion Amplification, so you can rest assured in the knowledge that you are investing in a proficient, competent service provider.

Pumps Demonstration

A series of videos demonstrating our motion amplification service on centrifugal pumps. We were able to quickly identify an inadequate base as something to correct. We can identify and help you understand 95% of machinery problems in minutes. Let us help you get to the real root cause of your issues!

Structural Demonstration

Structural problems are no problem with our motion amplification service. We make it easy to understand where you need to strengthen, modify, or remove structural steel. Full spectrum vibration data reveals what machinery is causing your issues. Experience this groundbreaking technology in your plant today!

Measure Moving Targets

We have the ability to measure vibration on objects moving through the scene. This video shows the amazing capability of measuring actual vibrations on an in-flight aircraft. Transient tracking vibration analysis is especially helpful for diagnosing robotics, mobile machinery, and aircraft!

Structural Example

Often, you can find yourself spending time and resources fixing a machine over and over again. Your best efforts are off the mark becuase you simply don't have the whole picture of what is happening with the machine. We can help break down complex machinery systems and show you exactly what needs to be fixed. In this video, a client who suspected a bad countershaft was surprised to see the real root cuase of their issue was something they overlooked.